How to Listen to Music on a Plane

How to Listen to Music on a Plane

How to Listen to Music on a Plane

Listening to music while flying can enhance your travel experience, whether you’re looking to relax, pass the time, or drown out the noise of the aircraft. With the advent of portable devices and wireless technology, it’s easier than ever to enjoy your favorite tunes at 30,000 feet. This article provides a guide on how to listen to music on a plane, covering various methods and considerations for an optimal in-flight music experience.

In-Flight Entertainment Systems

Many modern aircraft come equipped with in-flight entertainment (IFE) systems that offer a wide selection of music channels and playlists. These systems typically include seatback screens or personal entertainment devices where passengers can access audio content. To use the IFE system for music playback:

1. Navigate to the Music Section: Look for the music category in the menu of the IFE system. It may be labeled as “Audio,” “Music,” or a similar term.

2. Select Your Preferred Genre or Playlist: Browse through the available options to find a genre or playlist that suits your taste. IFE systems often offer a variety of music genres ranging from classical to pop to world music.

3. Plug in Your Headphones: Use the provided headphones or your own pair to connect to the audio jack located on your seatback screen or armrest.

4. Adjust Volume and Enjoy: Once connected, adjust the volume to your desired level and enjoy your selected music content throughout the flight.

Personal Devices and Offline Playback

If the aircraft doesn’t have an IFE system or if you prefer to listen to your personal music library, you can use your own device for in-flight entertainment. Here’s how to do it:

1. Download Music in Advance: Prior to your flight, ensure that you have downloaded your favorite songs or playlists onto your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. This is essential as inflight Wi-Fi may not always be available or reliable for streaming music.

2. Use Wireless Headphones or Earbuds: Opt for wireless headphones or earbuds to avoid getting tangled in cords and to enjoy freedom of movement during the flight. Bluetooth-enabled devices are ideal for wire-free listening.

3. Prepare Your Device for Airplane Mode: Before takeoff, activate airplane mode on your device as required by airline regulations. However, you can typically enable Bluetooth while in airplane mode, allowing you to connect your wireless headphones without interruption.

4. Connect and Play: Once onboard, connect your wireless headphones to your device via Bluetooth and start playing your downloaded music. Remember to adjust the volume to a comfortable level, taking into account the noise of the aircraft cabin.

Considerations for In-Flight Music Listening

While listening to music on a plane can be enjoyable, there are some factors to consider for a more pleasant experience:

Noise-Canceling Headphones: Investing in noise-canceling headphones can significantly reduce the ambient noise of the aircraft cabin, allowing you to immerse yourself in your music without distractions.

Battery Life: Ensure that your personal device and wireless headphones are fully charged before your flight to avoid running out of battery mid-air. Consider carrying a portable charger or power bank for longer flights.

Respect Fellow Passengers: Keep the volume of your music at a reasonable level, especially if you’re using headphones with sound leakage. Be mindful of your surroundings and avoid disturbing other passengers with loud music.

Legal Considerations: Respect copyright laws and licensing agreements when downloading or streaming music for in-flight listening. Make sure you have the necessary permissions to access and use the music content legally.


Listening to music on a plane can enhance your travel experience by providing entertainment and relaxation during your journey. Whether you’re using the aircraft’s in-flight entertainment system or your device, following these tips can help you enjoy your favorite tunes while soaring through the skies.

By considering factors such as equipment compatibility, battery life, and respect for fellow passengers, you can ensure an enjoyable in-flight music experience.


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